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Our buildings are filled with children and adults who want to come to school every day. They are engaged in activities that light up their brains, sharpen their critical capacities and develop their consciences.

• What Parents and Students Should Expect •

Comfortable Dorms

At the end of the day, students return to take a hot shower and rest in their nice and cosy air-conditioned boarding dorm, with boarding facilities provided.

Gender Segregation

Male and female students are constantly being separated at all times during class, prayers, meals and play, and stay in separate boarding units.

Girls Boarding

With our "girls only" boarding and classroom facilities, female tahfiz students can now focus, study and rest in a comfortable, safe and conducive environment

Nutritious Meals

Delicious meals are being carefully selected and prepared to ensure that students get what they need to keep them healthy and going strong throughout the program.

Positive Reinforcement

No cane, hitting or physical means are used to discipline students. Non-contact corrective measures such as counselling and no play time are used instead

Congregational Prayer

Students will perform all obligatory prayers together, call for adhan and iqamah, and learn to lead as Imam. During Ramadhan, taraweeh prayers are conducted as well.


Islamic Leadership

Our Islamic Leadership Program is a culmination of the various elements essential to the construction of a holistic and well-rounded individual. It is the practical aspect of character building, demanding implementation.


Our curriculum aims are to develop individuals in a holistic and integrated approach to be morally upright, emotionally adept, socially responsible, cognitively robust, aesthetically aware and physically active.


Our Tarbiyyah program is a well structured program mainly prepared for our boarding students. It focuses on equipping the students with the fundamentals of Deen. In this program, students will learn how to critically read

A Big Family

Building Our Community

Building a strong sense of community in Al-ameen School is both important and doable. Our school uses different Community - Building Approaches, that helps us to be a family.


The son of Adam (human being) will cease to benefit from all his earthly deeds after his death except three things. (1) charity sustained after his demise (2) a beneficial knowledge transferred to others (3) prayers from a living good child. -Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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