Our Curriculum

Our curriculum aims are to develop individuals in a holistic and integrated approach to be morally upright, emotionally adept, socially responsible, cognitively robust, aesthetically aware and physically active. Our curriculum framework has been designed to produce Nigerian citizens who are not only knowledgeable in academics but also strongly grounded in the Deen, honorable and responsible in their interaction with others (Akhlaq), competent and confident in their achievements, capable of contributing to the betterment of their families, communities and country as a whole.

Teacher Training

Al-Ameen Integrated College also help its members to develop professionally and personally throughout the course of their teaching careers. We believe that good-quality continuing professional development (CPD) is a key part of this. Indeed, the School feels so passionate about the importance of CPD as we want it to form a part of the teachersā€™ professional advancement. Our teacher training features the following areas:


Teaching and Learning


Data Management



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